Bonheur Sub Acute Centre


 Santa Margherita Alzheimers Centre


 Bon Appetite Restaurant


 Le Petit Restaurant


• IL Palazzo Restaurant


The provision of frail care at our unique centres.

The model was developed in consultation with leading healthcare and medical professionals.

In our frail care centres permanent, professional and qualified nursing staff care affectionately for the elderly 24 hours a day.

Over and above this our staff will attend to each patient’s personal hygiene, mobility, medicine and general health.

4 Frail Care Centres : 3 Restaurants : Sub-Acute Centre : Alzheimers Centre

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CONTACT : Tel (021) 948-9510  Fax : (021) 948-9520  email : info@bonhealthcare.co.za

Tel : (021) 948-9510

Fax : (021) 948-9520

Email : info@bonhealthcare.co.za

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Our Friendly and efficient staff are on hand to help and assist you.

Dedicated to making you comfortable in our frail care centres.


Taking Care of 220 Patients with 150 Medical Personnel

Pleasant surroundings and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere is created in our environments.