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BonHealthCare head office situated near to the N1 freeway on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Fully trained and dedicated staff with years of experience of coordinating quality frail health care.


This is the hub of coordinating that has become one of the leaders of South African Frail Care.


Due to the special emphasis placed on medical and frail care, Bon Health Care ensure the continuance of quality service at each facility by regular visitation and inspection by trained staff.

Nursing sister’s are available at all facility’s.

The importance of security is not overlooked, monitoring and security staff are on hand.





Skyscape Terraces, DJ Wood Way, Bellville

Tel : (021) 948-9510

Fax : (021) 948-9520

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CONTACT : Tel (021) 948-9510  Fax : (021) 948-9520  email :

Tel : (021) 948-9510

Fax : (021) 948-9520

Email :